[1.] Great Idea

[1.] Great Idea

We are FIRST consumers

In fact we could be ZZest’s best customer. Because, basically, we created a space we would want to come to and food we would want to eat. And since it’s an option to eat burgers one night and potted crab the next, wecouldeat here every night. So it’s a great idea to create what we love, right? Welp, sometimes sticking to a great idea can be harder than you would think.

We had afirstgreat idea, almost 6 years ago now. A fabulous culinary market with an adjoining cafe, bringing in artisan, small batch, products. ZZest Market could be the voice for these small companies, and the cafe would use the products in creative ways! Awesome. Well that great idea morphed a bit. Want the nitty gritty details? Read all about it atZZest.com.

The nextgreat ideawas the cafe remodel in 2014. We wanted a lively, vibrant, and a low key vibe. We wanted modern and fun, we wanted the environment to match the passion of the kitchen. And what wereally wantedwas, to be a neighborhood gem!

With a limited budget, we decided to spend our money on the food, meaning our ingredients. Also it was equally important to spend our money on the talented chefs and front of the house staff. Pricing the menu, (also important), as it must be value based and affordable. If we purchased a grand chandelier for instance, the cost would have to be off set somewhere and usually that ends up on the consumers plate (pun intended). We wanted our neighbors to spend their money on our fabulous food not our space. (btw, our chandelier?…150 bucks!) With the help from local, very creative people, (our contractor and designer), we reclaimed, renewed, and revisoned, pieces from the past. We watched for sales and the staff pitched in with painting and sweeping sawdust. The music was turned up and cowhide was added to the front of the bar. The end result was fabulous, just what we imagined it would be.

Once in awhile we get people who don’t agree. The music is too load, sit at a counter? Never! Don’t love our resident ghoul hanging out in the corner or the LOUD yelps of joy when someone buys a round of beer for the kitchen. We are sorry, we probably need to break up. It’s not you, it’s us. Though we will worry, endlessly for 3 days, then it eases. We really want to pleaseeveryone. But sticking with a really great idea is the only way to move forward. We created a place we want to hang out in. Done deal. Now what do WE want to eat???