adding to the zzest family

adding to the zzest family

Oh gosh… how we all love seeing Finn and his family! It was Finn’s grandma who first discovered us shortly after we opened. She comes often to visit and to take care of Finn. I think she is a pretty awesome cook too, so I am surprised they venture out! But, it wasn’t long before we got to meet Brian and Amanda and of course Finn.

Brian would be surprised to know we actually have his last name in the system and I think spelled correctly! But, when he calls we just usually use Finn or Finn Bart! Amanda will say Finn cut his culinary teeth here at ZZest. He really does travels a lot, but, declares ZZest to be one of his favorite restaurants. Cheese boards are his usual choice and at this point I don’t think he has eaten one he doesn’t like.

Finn has left drawings for our refrigerators, robots made from cardboard and lots of other great items for us! He once was interviewed when we were chosen as one of 100 best patios in the nation. (He talked about cheese)

It feels like Amanda and I are telepathically connected. Right before I send an email blast out, she is feeling the need to visit ZZest. Also, we connect in the soft hearts that easily tear up, kind of people. I’ll have a hard time seeing her come Sept. 16th, they already have a reservation. Tissue, please!

A couple years ago, Brian and Amanda declared it was their “summer of ZZest” as the 3 and many times 4 of them, came quite often. When this photo was taken it was extra special, in that Finn’s Grandpa was also here visiting.

I would definitely declare the Finn family as family members of ZZest!