all the world is a stage

all the world is a stage

And a “stage” is a big part of ZZest Cafe. The chefs are on stage in our open kitchen. Seated from the counter you can experience the flames, the shouts for “hands”, the clang of the pot meaning there is a round of beer purchased for the kitchen from another satisfied customer.

The other “stage” is across the room at the bar. Mixologist and soon to be sommelier Jason has crafted an impressive summer cocktail list. Rather than flames on this stage, it’s flying ice. And the clang here is the always in motion shakers, finishing out the last shake and pouring the colorful mixtures into appropriate glasses.

The cocktails colors are bursting of summer. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m green” is a green chartreuse, Hulk inspired color, garnished with a big basil leaf. The “mai tai” is golden hues of two rums and house *orgeat syrup. “Now you see me…” is a blue stunner, featuring plymouth gin, pineapple juice, almond milk and blue curacao. Rounding out the summer stars is ” a mint summer’s night dream”. Playfully pink as a queen fairy’s flush accentuated by a love elixir.

a mint summer's night dream

a mint summer’s night dream

So, ZZest has set the stage. We know you have been thinking about cocktails and a great dinner on our patio! Act now, before summer slips away.

“Be great in act, as you have been in thought” William Shakespeare