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seriously OBESSED with this cheese

Buy Valium Tablets Online

Hey! It’s been awhile. We have been sorting through the different restaurants getting each one up and running and tweaked. Seems to me the best blog posts are going to come from ZZest Market from now on. So check in often for featured products, amazing cheeses and some really great gift ideas. My rule of thumb is if you are still thinking about a food days after you’ve eaten it, you better sit up and take notice. I have been thinking about Blue Jay for 1 week now! I am seriously OBSESSED with this cheese. My cheese favorites change almost daily. As a Certified Cheese Professionalist (yeah, I know… who knew that was a thing ??!!) I really hate to admit to not loving every kind of cheese there is. But, blues are weird for me. Those big bold blues, are really not my go-to cheeses on a board. Though I will say, added to recipes, they can shine. Like a salad of greens, walnuts and apples or with roasted pears, Rosemary Shortbread Cookies (another obsession!) and a drizzle of honey for dessert. Blue Jay is different. First, check out the spectacular label! That alone seals the deal for me! From there we have a triple cream, so smooth, rich, decedent, much like chocolate. For me, I need textured, and I love something unexpected! That’s where the juniper berries come in. There’s a nice little crunch and a citrusy, piney sharp flavor of juniper. Yep, like gin. I happen to love a good gin and tonic too, so there is that. But, juniper and blue cheese? remarkable! Do yourself...
growing up zzest

Buy Valium Bristol

The Price family is RIGHT up there with our fave families! I actually remember when Katharine and Dan got married because it was one of Broadstreet’s first (if not the first), catering gigs with Rochester Art Center. Now a few years later we got to meet Charlotte, Ben and Henry! Charlotte and Ben were regulars coming long before Henry was born. Just wee ones coming in with their parents and always well mannered. The thing we love best about the Price’s is that they understand what ZZest was intended to be. The neighborhood gem where you could drop in any time and get something wonderful to eat. They may come in for special occasion but they will come in on Tuesdays as well. To them, it’s place for the family and we love that! The Price family comes winter, spring, summer and fall. It’s not about the patio or pizza! And… they always order vegetables! Right now avocado toast is a hit, but I’ve been told Ben is a bread and cheese sort of guy. They welcome the menu changes and always find something that works for each family member. The kiddos each have a very fun personalties, The boys grow their hair out. I love this, so much!! Henry must have chosen to cut his but not Ben! Henry often sports tall rubber boots. Charlotte is a reader. The whole family bikes over in the summer months and often meet other families. Last week after being closed for a week our front door was very dusty. Someone wrote I heart ZZest so much! in the dust. I asked...
our best next door neighbors

Buy Valium In Bangkok

Amy came in for her birthday. I asked her and Josh if I could take their picture for a blog post. She said, “Sure! I wondered how someone would make the cut, ha,ha.” I said, “I have to have a story to tell and I have a good one on you!” Once upon a time, several years ago, Amy and Josh came in and sat at the chefs counter. We were all feeling like we were getting to know Amy and Josh and none so more than Bre. Bre could say the darndest things. At the time Bre greeted everyone with Heeey, Girl! I think Josh was taken back at first but played along. We all felt comfortable around Amy and Josh. Josh ordered his entree, (long forgotten what it was, except it had micro greens on it). When it came out Josh had a few bites and really started to heat up. He asked the chef if there was something spicy in the dish. No, no peppers, nothing. Bre breezed by and Josh told her the dish was really, really, really hot. Bre told him there were no peppers and what a girl he was thinking it was hot!. She laughed, I laughed, and we all went about our business while poor Josh got warmer and warmer. Finally, we got to thinking he might be in some discomfort. I told Bre to bring him a bit of ice cream. What you need to remember is the story sounds like really bad service, but, Josh and Amy are like your next door neighbors, we felt REALLY COMFORTABLE around them!...
adding to the zzest family

Buy Valium Now

Oh gosh… how we all love seeing Finn and his family! It was Finn’s grandma who first discovered us shortly after we opened. She comes often to visit and to take care of Finn. I think she is a pretty awesome cook too, so I am surprised they venture out! But, it wasn’t long before we got to meet Brian and Amanda and of course Finn. Brian would be surprised to know we actually have his last name in the system and I think spelled correctly! But, when he calls we just usually use Finn or Finn Bart! Amanda will say Finn cut his culinary teeth here at ZZest. He really does travels a lot, but, declares ZZest to be one of his favorite restaurants. Cheese boards are his usual choice and at this point I don’t think he has eaten one he doesn’t like. Finn has left drawings for our refrigerators, robots made from cardboard and lots of other great items for us! He once was interviewed when we were chosen as one of 100 best patios in the nation. (He talked about cheese) It feels like Amanda and I are telepathically connected. Right before I send an email blast out, she is feeling the need to visit ZZest. Also, we connect in the soft hearts that easily tear up, kind of people. I’ll have a hard time seeing her come Sept. 16th, they already have a reservation. Tissue, please! A couple years ago, Brian and Amanda declared it was their “summer of ZZest” as the 3 and many times 4 of them, came quite often. When this...