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are you crazy? you’re done right? how old are you anyway?

I’m preparing for those questions once again.

The first time was about 20 years ago. I had a boy and a girl, ages 9 and 7 and was heading into my 40s. Life was easy, the future bright, a perfect little family. Then I found out I was pregnant and we were starting Zubay Family: Part 2. We were excited though. We happily told friends and family our news. Then came the comments Wow, really? You already have 1 boy and 1 girl… Are you crazy? You’re done after that, right? And (my favorite) How old are you anyway?

But here we are again with some joyous news! We are adding to the ZZest family. read more…

all the world is a stage

And a “stage” is a big part of ZZest Cafe. The chefs are on stage in our open kitchen. Seated from the counter you can experience the flames, the shouts for “hands”, the clang of the pot meaning there is a round of beer purchased for the kitchen from another satisfied customer. read more…

french onion soup time

Time to dig up the old faves…

And French Onion Soup is definitely one of those! Warm, cheesy goodness for a cold winter night. Or perfect for Friday’s during Lent. So I thought I remembered my favorite recipe being here. Too Busy to Cook, Circa 1980. But after looking at it I realized it was too “time-saving”. It called for frozen diced onions and I would not have used that, then nor now! But, the recipe served as a reminder and a base for a soup that turned out pretty dang good. So here’s the recipe.

read more…

meet team biggysmalls

Chef Mike and David

Both of theses guys are from the motherland, Rochester MN. And… watch out team Fifa and Iowa their backgrounds come with some culinary substance!

Both, are well seasoned athletes with David on the high school football team plus track. Mike dribbled on the courts, threw in the fields and volleyed over nets. Plus he was on track with David in Track and Field! So, they are ready to rumble!

read more…

meet team iowa

Jasmine and Matt

Both Jasmine and Matt are from the fine state of IOWA, and are teaming up to take on the potato and their fellow line cooks.

Jasmine grew up playing softball and volleyball, Matt golfing. So, I suspect a team player and an athlete that relies on himself, will make a very well rounded team. Their culinary backgrounds do the same with Jasmine graduating from Cordon Bleu and Matt working his way through the ranks, ending at Minerva’s a seasonal steak house back home in Iowa. We are glad they both found their way to ZZest! read more…