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burrata! baby! it’s what’s for dinner

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Tis the time of year when the gardens are glorious. It’s also the time of year I am craving burrata. Burrata is a gorgeous Italian cheese and the ultimate fresh cheese experience. It all starts with a delicate lump of fresh curd. Next, it is stretched to about the size of a coin purse. Then filled with ribbons of fresh curd and sweet cream and tied up from that coin purse to beggars purse with a little twist. This sweet delicate bundle can hold it’s own with just a drizzle of good quality olive oil and salt but when the garden is bursting, why not try these ideas. Always gently scoop the burrata from the brine and let it sit on the sideline on top of a paper towel. And, always, have some great baguette chunks to get every last bite of the milky gloriousness. Slice some watermelon radishes, chop up some fresh herbs toss in a shallow bowl with a drizzle of good peppery olive oil and sea salt. Top with the burrata whole, a bit more oil salt and grinding of pepper. Serve with a spoon. Dig in. Roast or grill some fresh asparagus, cherry tomatoes with a little olive oil and salt. Arrange on a plate. Top with burrata, fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. Let some thinly sliced fennel hang out in a bowl wIth lemon olive oil and about 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic. In 15 minutes tear up the burrata add some fresh mint. Whip up some pasta cooked perfect al dente, of course. Toss with olive oil, add...
all the world is a stage

Buy Diazepam Pills

And a “stage” is a big part of ZZest Cafe. The chefs are on stage in our open kitchen. Seated from the counter you can experience the flames, the shouts for “hands”, the clang of the pot meaning there is a round of beer purchased for the kitchen from another satisfied customer. The other “stage” is across the room at the bar. Mixologist and soon to be sommelier Jason has crafted an impressive summer cocktail list. Rather than flames on this stage, it’s flying ice. And the clang here is the always in motion shakers, finishing out the last shake and pouring the colorful mixtures into appropriate glasses. The cocktails colors are bursting of summer. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m green” is a green chartreuse, Hulk inspired color, garnished with a big basil leaf. The “mai tai” is golden hues of two rums and house *orgeat syrup. “Now you see me…” is a blue stunner, featuring plymouth gin, pineapple juice, almond milk and blue curacao. Rounding out the summer stars is ” a mint summer’s night dream”. Playfully pink as a queen fairy’s flush accentuated by a love elixir. So, ZZest has set the stage. We know you have been thinking about cocktails and a great dinner on our patio! Act now, before summer slips away. “Be great in act, as you have been in thought” William Shakespeare...
memorable asparagus

Buy Valium Australia Online

Last Spring I took the time to discover, again… Asparagus. Yes, I have been eating asparagus for years. Loving it. The first few times were probably smothered in cheese sauce but as time went on I moved on to steamed, roasted and grilled. It’s a great quick cooking vegetable and can take on just about any cuisine. Just threw some in fried rice the other day… But last spring, I had an epiphany about asparagus. Things have not been the same. We were heading up north to check on our property. When there, I cook. Before the trip I stopped by the Co-op and grabbed a few things. The local asparagus seemed appropriate and I was roasting a chicken so… hey, perfect. I was also bringing a couple bottles of wine. One being my first bottle of summer Rose. Exciting! So, for brunch the next day as I pondered over what to make, the asparagus tempted me so eggs won out over the chicken. I decided to make an asparagus, gruyere and spring onion omelet. It seemed only appropriate to open the Rose, why not? let the relaxing begin. The sun was warm and we dined on the deck, sipping Rose and and enjoying the omelet, much more than usual. So much so, I had to stop and analyze it. This requires picking apart the food to taste each ingredient, separately. Yes, the cheese, Gruyere Cru Surchoix was amazing. (BTW this cheese just won 2016 World Championship blue ribbon, and is hard to get right now!). But, it was actually the asparagus that caught my attention. It tasted different....
on a whim try a pimms

Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh

I read this about Pimm’s in The Eater, “Pimm’s is the most refreshing and polarizing libations the booze world could ever bestow.” I think, I have to agree on that. It’s complex, slightly bitter, quite unique flavor, is the base for the perfect summer cocktail, The Pimm’s Cup. I knew I loved Pimm’s and after some research, I now know why. Check it out. Pimm’s was created by James Pimm, who owned a oyster bar in London, back in the mid 1800’s. He sold Pimm’s as a tonic Pimm’s No.1 Cup. was based on gin, but enhanced with citrus, herbs and quinine, (bingo, that’s why I love it!) Quinine is what tonic is made of and has a dry alluring finish. And quinine was originally intended as an aid to digestion. The original recipe of Pimm’s is said to be known today by only six people. So, James Pimm began selling selling Pimm’s No. 1 commercially and the drink became a must-have concoction among the fashionable socialites of England. Then after WWII Pimm’s brand added No.2 (Scotch-based), No.3 (brandy-based), No. 4 (rum-based), No.5 (rye-based) and No.6 (vodka-based). No. 1 and No. 6 are produced today. Pimm’s is a summer staple in England, especially at Wimbledon where it’s served as a Pimm’s Cup. It is mixed with “lemonade” (ginger ale and lemon juice) plenty of ice, and garnishes that must include cucumber. Fruit is also needed, favorites being strawberries and/or apples. The Brits throw in mint or borage, (yeah… borage? pass.), but we do not at ZZest, we reserve mint, (not borage), for the ever popular Minnesota Mule. As we...
loving calabro ricotta right now

Buy Adipex From Europe

Spring is in the air! So why not put it on your plate! ZZest Market just got in fresh ricotta, which of course is fabulous on toast with jam… wait there’s more! Here’s one of our favorite recipes. Pasta with Calabro Ricotta , Lemon and Fresh Peas 10 ounces of pasta (we love Rustichella brand, and we also love fun shapes like farfalle, croxetti, orecchiette, caprice. All available at ZZest Market come check them out!!) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 garlic clove, minced 2 cups fresh peas (Trader Joe’s always has them!) 1 cup Calabro ricotta 1/3 cup fresh grated pecorino cheese 2 teaspoons preserved lemon minced (here ONLY Robert Lambert will work!) 2 teaspoons chopped fresh mint or basil sea salt and fresh ground pepper directions: Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and cook the pasta according to package directions. In a medium pan, saute the garlic in the olive oil over medium heat until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add the peas along with a pinch of salt and cook until bright green, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside. When the pasta is cooked, set aside 1/4 cup of pasta water, then drain the pasta. In a large bowl, toss the hot pasta with the peas, ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, and preserved lemon. Add the reserved pasta water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the ricotta cheese coats all of the pasta. Season to taste and serve hot. Additions: Stir in a little N’duja sausage spicy and delicious. Add fresh chopped cherry tomatoes or pomodoraccio tomatoes, more veggies like asparagus, spring...
french onion soup time

Buy Phentermine.Com

Time to dig up the old faves… And French Onion Soup is definitely one of those! Warm, cheesy goodness for a cold winter night. Or perfect for Friday’s during Lent. So I thought I remembered my favorite recipe being here. Too Busy to Cook, Circa 1980. But after looking at it I realized it was too “time-saving”. It called for frozen diced onions and I would not have used that, then nor now! But, the recipe served as a reminder and a base for a soup that turned out pretty dang good. So here’s the recipe. RECIPE STARTS HERE! Soup Part- 3 lbs sweet vidalia onions, halved, and sliced 1/4-inch thick (about 5 cups) 1/4 pound unsalted butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 bay leaf 3-4 springs of fresh thyme sprinkle of sugar 1/4 cup cognac, or I often use Calvados but this day I was out of both, so I used a medium-dry sherry, doesn’t give it a super richness but was very nice. 4 cups beef stock 4 cups chicken stock (I use the boxed stuff Kitchen Basics, yellow packaging) 1 tablespoon sea salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 2-4 cups of shredded cheeses (see cheese part) In a large stockpot on medium-high heat, saute the onions with the butter, olive oil, bay leaf and thyme. I do this all at once because there’s no way I’m doing batches. So I sprinkle with a bit of sugar to get the caramelization started, keep the heat low and stir often until the onions are nice and a rich golden brown. Takes about 30-45 minutes. Deglaze the pan with...
meet team fifa

Buy Soma London

 Josue and Andre What a team these two make! Growing up in two different parts of the world Josue, in Veracruz Mexico and Andre, in South Dakota (with a few years of Brazil in there),  both were doing similar things! Check out their chosen team name, Fifa. Andre and Josue both grew up playing soccer. Josue was defense and I’m pretty sure he still plays and plays well, and when he’s not on the field you might find him salsa dancing. I’ve seen his he’s fantastic! Andre was a striker on the Varsity team, although he admitted to never scoring a goal. Awwww, that makes us love him more! He also played basketball and track. When they were not playing soccer they both grew up farming. Josue’s family had a huge farm with lots of vegetables (yes! potatoes!) along with chickens, pigs and lamb. Meanwhile in SD Andre worked on a beef and dairy farm raising and selling organic grass fed beef. Ok, what’s in the refrigerator and what can you make. Josue was up for the challenge getting Andre’s list of, kombucha, left over beans and rice and pomegranates! Without missing a beat Josue said, add salt, pepper and garlic to it all that’s all you have to do! In Josue’s fridge he listed beer, milk and orange juice and Andre quickly created an orange julius with a beer chaser. Team Fifa loves fingerling potatoes, roasted or fried so it’s no wonder that’s the potato they chose for their warzz. #theheatison #potatowarzz #zzest ZZest warrz schedule spoiler alert here’s what they are making: fingerling potato soup . nduja creme ....