curl up with this cheese and a spoon

curl up with this cheese and a spoon

Rush Creek Reserve

This is a seasonal cheese and only available for a short time. It’s also a bit on the pricey side, we have it at $29.95 (though that lower than most other places). However, good news for you! I over ordered. So, we are taking 20% OFF . It’s your chance to give something new a whirl. And…since the weather forecast seems to be reporting snow, grab some now to curl up with.

Rush Creek is from Uplands area of Wisconsin. Actually near Dodgeville Wi where executive chef Justin Schoville is from. Two families bought a farmin the rolling hills and valleys that were left untouched by the Ice Age glaciers. They grazed their mixed herd of cows seasonally on beautiful fields of grasses, legumes and herbs, and soon began to realize that the milk their herd produced was exceptional and likely perfect for cheesemaking. Step in cheesemaker Andy Hatch, who was inspired by Vacherin Mont d’Or,. Andy wanted to make a seasonal cheese that reflected the region’s terroir. He tailored the Mont d’Or process to the farm’s own milk supply and ripening environments, and created a soft, raw cow’s milk cheese made from the rich milk that the herd gives in the fall. The wheels, which are washed as they ripen, are wrapped in thin strips of spruce bark.

Rush Creek Reserve is a gorgeous wheel of cheese that can be scooped out with a spoon. The flavor is savory, almost meat like, rich and salty. The paste creamy and luscious with notes of sour cream and grass.

Pair this cheese with great winter starches like rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes and/or Brussels sprouts. Apples are perfect, as is salami and of course, a crusty baguette.

Here’s some fun beverage pairings! This cheese is fabulous with spirits and cocktails like a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Beer? yes, please! a Belgian farmhouse would be tasty!