Eat this now!

Eat this now!

And for fun do it mid week!

Come on, do something out of the norm. How many times mid-week are you wondering what to make for dinner? Already exhausted your Chinese take out? I get it you don’t want to commit to a evening out. You just want dinner. Guess what! you can accomplish that at ZZest in as little as 45 min. And here’s how you do it!

Pick any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If it makes you feel better call ahead, call on your way here, we’ll save you a spot! Don’t even look at the menu trust me on this one! Order pasta! We hand make it daily. A big steamy bowl of pasta and a glass of wine! No commitment just a bowl of perfection on a chilly Fall evening. Right now you to make just 1 choice. Pick one-

1- rabbit ragu . housemade saffron cavatelli pasta . bacon . peperonata . fennel pollen . cana de cabra goat cheese $19 Add our new Petit Sirah from CA, Wild Hare $7.50 (wild hare haha get it a perfect pairing!)This is the most raved about thing on the menu right now.

2- housemade **maltagliati pasta . chicken of the woods mushroom . sunflower seed *chermoula . smoked creme fraiche $17 Add Vini Pinot Noir for $6 This is our vegetarian option but carnivores are blown away!
What’s even more fun? Heading back home knowing there’s no dishes to do. Let’s make it really fun. Brew a cup of tea, put your feet up and catch up with Walking Dead. Tis the season…

What’s coming soon? more pasta! We are dang good and making FRESH pasta so we are adding more to the menu this Fall! Also cuz we have to say good bye to pizzas 🙁

* What the heck is chermoula??? Chermoula is a spicy sauce that livens up fish. poultry and meats and in our case this fantastic pasta dish. Usualy herbs lemon and something spicy. Chef Justin’s chermoula is toasted sunflower seeds, cilantro, jalapeno and lime.

** AND HOW ABOUT MALTAGLIATA? This pasta shape is made from all the leftover cuttings from other pastas. So the shapes are random and it’s actually a super popular cut in many parts of Italy.