growing up zzest

growing up zzest

The Price family is RIGHT up there with our fave families!

I actually remember when Katharine and Dan got married because it was one of Broadstreet’s first (if not the first), catering gigs with Rochester Art Center. Now a few years later we got to meet Charlotte, Ben and Henry!

Charlotte and Ben were regulars coming long before Henry was born. Just wee ones coming in with their parents and always well mannered.

The thing we love best about the Price’s is that they understand what ZZest was intended to be. The neighborhood gem where you could drop in any time and get something wonderful to eat. They may come in for special occasion but they will come in on Tuesdays as well. To them, it’s place for the family and we love that! The Price family comes winter, spring, summer and fall. It’s not about the patio or pizza! And… they always order vegetables! Right now avocado toast is a hit, but I’ve been told Ben is a bread and cheese sort of guy. They welcome the menu changes and always find something that works for each family member.

The kiddos each have a very fun personalties, The boys grow their hair out. I love this, so much!! Henry must have chosen to cut his but not Ben! Henry often sports tall rubber boots. Charlotte is a reader. The whole family bikes over in the summer months and often meet other families. Last week after being closed for a week our front door was very dusty. Someone wrote I heart ZZest so much! in the dust. I asked Henry if that was him and he said no but, he did love ZZest! Lately they have brought a portable chess set and Dan plays chess with the kids. There are many of us here that are quite impressed as that’s not a game we have conquered!

Katharine and Dan don’t just support ZZest Cafe they frequent Lunch Counter for lunch and have been to Porch as well. We can’t say enough about how we truly appreciate their business.

I’d like to think as leery as Charlotte and Ben were and now Henry, of our resident monster Gravely, and the creepy baby in my office, they will miss them once the doors close. But hey, if all works out and we re open as a whole new place (fingers crossed), Gravely will have a home and the Price kids will be the first to come in and the first to find him!

We are glad we got to see the Price kids grow up!