oh Christmas cheese, oh Christmas cheese, how lovely are your slices

oh Christmas cheese, oh Christmas cheese, how lovely are your slices

I’m not just saying this because I’m a CCP (Certified Cheese Professional), and yes, that’s real, and kind of a big deal. But, cheese really IS perfect for the holidays!

#1 Holiday Entertaining. Nothing is easier than cheese. Here’s what you do, click-Cheese Board 101. Your guests will not only think you have slaved over your gorgeous assortment but, they will also think you are very Top Chef-y. Look at you, you with your perfect pairings! Literally, it will take you minutes to assemble.

#2 Hostess Gift. Cheese and a box of nutty crackers, for the hostess to enjoy after herparty. Much appreciated.

#3 Dinner. With all the hustle and bustle, dinner can be put on the back burner. With cheese in the fridge and an addition of some salami or prosciutto, maybe a few olives, a dab of mustard and jam… Viola! dinner is served! Time to catch up on Walking Dead! After all, tis the season. (Well, for me, that is, gosh that Nigon! he’s despicable).

#4 Holiday Happy Hour. Did the neighbors invite you for a little impromptu happy hour? What could you whip together to share? Get your dinner (cheese) left overs out and create one of these! If you think about it, it’s just your cheese board assembled in bites. Be creative, you’re gonna wow them.


1- Start with a cracker, spread a little pear jam, top with sliced salami apple slice and chopped pistachios.


2- Spread soft cheese or ricotta on a cracker. Top with a little apricot jam.









#5 Cheese is the gift for the hard to buy for OR anyone! Select 5 put in a pretty bag, tie a bow. Select 3 add a jam and crackers. Select 1 and a salami. Add some olives, dried fruit and nuts. Don’t even want to think that hard?? Get a tray already made up! Yep! It exists at ZZest Market ready to go! (Remember we moved downtown) Only $32.95, but a $40 value! Available the rest of the season.