one guy gets it

one guy gets it

I ran across this review. I don’t know who this guy is, but, Yelp, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it needed to be a review they would bury; so did Google. It is such a wonderfully written review that I suspect they think it is a plant. But, I assure you, it is not. I have little time in my day for either Yelp or Google Reviews, so I rarely look. Although, I’m so glad I caught this one. This guy gets it. Note in his comment, the lines I highlighted in red.


After reading various articles and reviews about ZZest, its almost unanimous that “the food is spectacular, the service is knowledgeable, and the ambiance is casual, yet, refined.” However, its the few reviews claiming the exact opposite that catch my eye.

Honest disclosure, I tend to not venture out into the dining world much anymore as I am often disappointed. Instead, I marvel at all the wondrous flavors and creations held in my own kitchen. *cough* .


For the people who would rather their dinner plate be sectioned off so that no category of food touches the other– that is, “I would like a piece of meat, with potatoes over there, and the vegetables over here”. Don’t Bother Coming.
I see now that the ones who write 1 star reviews of ZZest are self-proclaimed “food snobs” with mediocre power on a review website such as Yelp. These are probably the same people as I previously mentioned, and therefore I say: Don’t Bother. These people, although fine in their own worlds, do not understand ZZest.

I like to think I am now starting to understand after walking into ZZest. Essentially, ZZest is a giant warehouse that has been carefully and intelligently molded into a Rat Pack-esque dining experience where no skinny tie, black lapel, or high heels are necessary (altho, it certainly wouldn’t hurt should you want to take your significant other for a fancy 1960s-styled date.) The waitstaff and chefs definitely know what they are talking about, and each of them are pretty dedicated to putting out the best service for their guests. The food is the best part. It’s all well-portioned, clean, and delicious tasting. I can see where some would believe they are overpaying, but that is a fallacy as I can only see that my taste buds are happier and my stomach is thankful. Take for example, the grass-fed beef burger. While the beef itself is amazingly juicy and has substantial flavor, its the package deal that really does it. When I first looked at the burger I was eager to remove the bun and start to sort out the toppings that I “knew” I wouldn’t enjoy. Instead, I remembered that I was here to understand. Seeing that the chefs have spent many hours beating on their craft while given some of the best product to work with, I set my faith in their tastebuds to lead mine. Its true. The burger was amazing and I think I figured it out.
The food may look scary and intimidating, which is why some may review so poorly as they stay in their comfort zones. Instead, these people know what they are doing! As I’m sure it is the same for every other entree, the BEST EXPERIENCE you will have is to let each unique ingredient work it’s own magic, contributing to the whole, as the chefs have carefully instructed it to. I’m not upset I had the burger, because it was the best I’ve ever devoured, but knowing what I know now… I’m ready to tackle that “Adventurous Chef’s Tasting”

Superb. 1000x applause,
Your New Secret Admirer.

Just recently we had added this sort of mission statement to our menu as I have not forgotten our secret admirer’s words.

Everything on our menu is thoughtfully composed, and, each ingredient has a specific purpose in the dish, which is why we are emphatic about serving each item the way it is designed. Trust us to take you a little out of your comfort zone so you can experience new and wonderful flavors. Of course, we guarantee you’ll love it.

I don’t know James M. from Rochester, MN– aka Our New Secret Admirer, who totally gets ZZest, but should this post find its way to him, we want to buy James M. a beer. THANK YOU!

Did you notice that gorgeous plate pictured?… tom’s veal leg steak . romanesco . marrow whipped potato . cauliflower mushroom. It is another of Chef Justin well-thought-out creations. But fear not, in the end, it’s just: steak, mashed potatoes, gravy and broccoli.Read on for the the rest of the story.

Start with a perfect product like rosy veal. Chef Justin sears the steak so it’s crunchy on the outside, but tender and juicy in the inside. The whipped potatoes have the addition of bone marrow, and– of course– that marrow would be from veal bones. Nothing is wasted when we get a whole animal in. The bone marrow adds richness to the potatoes that enhances the lovely sweet beef flavor of the veal. Rather than broccoli, Justin chose romanesco, or Roman cauliflower, which is less assertive in flavor and slightly nutty. For fun and a play on words, Justin added cauliflower mushrooms, which look similar to a head of cauliflower; the flavor is mild with notes of fennel and almond. Quoting James M: “let each unique ingredient work it’s own magic, contributing to the whole, as the chefs have carefully instructed it to.” Rosy Veal– it’s what’s for dinner!