our best next door neighbors

our best next door neighbors

Amy came in for her birthday. I asked her and Josh if I could take their picture for a blog post. She said, “Sure! I wondered how someone would make the cut, ha,ha.” I said, “I have to have a story to tell and I have a good one on you!”

Once upon a time, several years ago, Amy and Josh came in and sat at the chefs counter. We were all feeling like we were getting to know Amy and Josh and none so more than Bre. Bre could say the darndest things. At the time Bre greeted everyone with Heeey, Girl! I think Josh was taken back at first but played along.

We all felt comfortable around Amy and Josh. Josh ordered his entree, (long forgotten what it was, except it had micro greens on it). When it came out Josh had a few bites and really started to heat up. He asked the chef if there was something spicy in the dish. No, no peppers, nothing. Bre breezed by and Josh told her the dish was really, really, really hot. Bre told him there were no peppers and what a girl he was thinking it was hot!. She laughed, I laughed, and we all went about our business while poor Josh got warmer and warmer. Finally, we got to thinking he might be in some discomfort. I told Bre to bring him a bit of ice cream. What you need to remember is the story sounds like really bad service, but, Josh and Amy are like your next door neighbors, we felt REALLY COMFORTABLE around them!

We all were convinced no peppers were in the dish, until the end of the night, after Josh left. Chef John found a single tiny a very tiny Thai chili pepper in the micro greens. We all cringed knowing thats what Josh ate. I know what you are thinking, thank God! he wasnt allergic and yep, I thought that too. Now, I was the one sweating The peppers were tiny and I can see how they slipped by, but, Thai chili peppers can pack a punch! We probably all had a beer that night toasting Josh. I am sure I apologized later and Im pretty sure I bought him a beer, but to be on the safe side, I bought him that beer tonight! Well deserved!

They came back, (thank goodness). Usually for celebrations but other times with their girls so they would have an experience. I love that so much! Its been fun seeing the girls grow up, josh Josh about the hot pepper, and to bask in the compliments Amy would give us on facebook.

Hey, Girrrllll, thanks for being our best next door neighbors.