Rustichella d’Abruzzo Pastas $7.95-$12.95

The history- In 1929, Gaetano Sergiacomo started to produce rustic pasta for the first time in the small town utilizing the whole wheat flour they produced at the family’s stone mill. During these years, the pasta was sold in bulk or simply wrapped in brown craft paper.

Nicolina his daughter grew up in that environment full of baking, cooking and pasta making, and in 1981, with her late husband Piero Peduzzi, she decided to revive the “pastificio” (pasta factory) of her father . Their first product was to revive the orginal whole wheat pasta and they named this product line: Rustichella d’Abruzzo. In 1989, Nicolina’s adult children Gianluigi and Stefania joined the business starting a new era for the little known pasta factory. With the vision of Gianluigi, Rustichella d’Abruzzo began to create a greater variety of pasta shapes with a small production of conventional durum wheat semolina pasta. After a few years, and with the arrival to the company of Giancarlo d’Annibale, Stefania’s husband, the assortment of shapes and sizes produced in the small family pastificcio began to increase to what is today one of the most extensive artisanal pasta and gourmet selection lines available in Italy.

If I can’t have Chef Justin’s fresh pasta I reach for Rustichella every time! This pasta is amazing. It’s hard for me tto get past the linguini and just add a few simple ingredients. At ZZest Market we carry a large assortment of shapes. At the Cafe you’ll probably find the linguini so I always have some on hand top take home!