Asher Blue, a Cow Milk from Thomasville, Georgia

Asher Blue comes from Sweet Grass Dairies in Thomasville GA. I love this cheese! I have to admit blue cheese is not the first cheese my knife heads for on a cheese board. I like blue cheeses with something or  in something. A drizzle of honey, a dab of fig preserves. I like big bold blues in salads, and a smoky blue on burgers. But Asher Blue is different. Johnny Depp would be Asher Blue, if he were a blue cheese. There is a lot going on in one bite. How could this cheese go from the 21 Jumpstreet to Jack Sparrow and then to John Dillinger? And ALL in just one bite. Asher Blue is a drier blue cheese with a creamy mouth feel. It has a slightly sweet taste, can turn to floral, then to a tad earthy, sometimes with a grassy or even licorice component. And finishing off rather mild. Savor all this for a moment and repeat. What a hunk… of cheese.

You will be enamored with this family right from the start. Referring to themselves as part country and part rock ‘n roll, their goal is to promote their cheeses and other small locally produced products from Georgia. Sounds like ZZest Market, it’s a match!