Build a Cheese Board

When it comes to party appetizers, especially when you want easy so you actually get to enjoy the party, the cheese board is a perfect choice.  It involves no cooking, just some assembly required! However, in order to put together a harmonious and delicious cheese board, there are some things to consider.

Serve approximately 1 ounce of cheese per person, but keep in mind the visual look of each piece. Sometimes ¼ lb of cheese can look like a perfect bite for an extra hungry guest!

Adding accompaniments to the cheese board makes the experience so much more fun. Nuts, olives, bread or crackers all add texture. Fresh fruit acts as a palate cleaners between cheeses. Dried fruit is great for texture and a sweetness. Adding a fruit preserve, honey, paste or balsamic vinegar enhances the cheese. Plus it it’s super fun to try the cheeses alone, again with a bit of jam, next time with some honey…the cheese board just may be the life of the party!

Depending on the number of people you are serving, choose 3-5 cheeses for your boards. Choose cheeses with different textures. Soft and spreadable fresh chevres, a bloomy rind cheese like brie that oozes, a semi soft blue cheese, add a semi hard cheese like Comte, and a hard cheese like Manchego.  Another option is 1 cow’s milk, 1 sheep milk, 1 goats milk cheese. Or experiment with all goat cheeses, cheeses from different parts of the world. I love boards that focus on all American artisan cheeses.

A cheese board also makes a great quick dinner with a bottle wine and a good movie.