The FINAL ZZest Menu

The final menu for ZZest brings back some fan faves back. “Never take the lamb burger off” so it’s there! “Love!! the lobster roll you have in the summer”, so even though lobster prices skyrocketed we brought it in. In the end, we figured nothing can beat a cold beer, chips, and lobster salad on a perfectly toasted bun on a hot summers night. The lobster roll was a must for our final patio menu.

We finally have pizzas… so enjoy! Hiring got sticky, seem almost impossible but Chef Justin stepped in and figured it out! In order to do that, we decreased cheese options and deleted one dessert. But, it’s the price we had to pay to get that chewy, lovely, slightly charred crust and amazing toppings back on the menu one more time.

Our Chef Tastings is what we are known for, so it’s place is at the top of the menu. It will be the most missed aspect of ZZest. We hope as many of you as possible get to experience it least one more time!


Executive Chef / GM Justin Schoville

executive sous chef Michael Mollinger

chefs Stef Crowson & Jasmine Fields

3 course Chef Tasting $35 /wine pairing $15

bread/butter $5

hummus/bread $6

skordalia $7

CHEESE and Charcuterie $16Assorted artisan cheese and amazing charcuterie, selected by a Certified Cheese Professional

little gem lettuce/ buttermilk dressing / bacon / oregano / apple $8

avocado salad / radish / cherry tomato / fried shallot / sherry vinegar $9

beets / rhubarb / smoked yogurt / garden herbs / fried legume $9

mozzarella / sunflower sekil / mint / asparagus / pickled lemon$12

foie gras meatballs /potato / blueberry $10

roasted cauliflower / mint / raisin / pickle / parmesan $9

avocado toast / lime / togarashi $11

country pork ribs / cherry tomato / cucumber salad / basil / cilantro / coriander honey vinaigrette $21

market fish / green vadouvan / radish / dill / beet / peas / ramp yogurt $27

wagyu beef hanger steak / polenta / pickled mushroom / wild peppercorn / chimichurri $30

beef & bacon burger / tomato / onion / pickle / hard cheese / potatoes / sauce $15

lamb burger / tomato / onion / soft cheese /pickle / potatoes / artichoke aioli $16

lobster roll / cucumber / pickle / celery / old bay / lemon aioli / chips $18

cacio e pepe / butter / peppercorn / pecorino romano / parsley $15

margherita pizza / tomato/ basil / mozzarella $11

vegetable pizza / mushroom / pickled onion / black garlic / artichoke truffle creme $12

salame pizza / tomato / market cheese /chili pepper / olive / fennel pollen $12

veal sausage pizza / tomato / mozzarella / ramp top sauce $13

Note: pizza will be served when it’s ready and not with the rest of the order

BFK beer for the kitchen $16

go ahead they deserve it! I’ll buy them round 2!