Your Very Own Personal Shopper :: Gift Boxes!

Gifting? Whew what to give… No worries we got a BOX for that.  From justa little something to INDULGENCES, everyone will be excited to peer into these adventurous boxes! Hand selected, carefully packed and all wrapped up with a bow. You have nothing else to do but grab one and go. Well, except pay….  If you are a super hurry, call ahead and give us your card.

We  purchase from small producers, sometimes we may need to swap something out. Don’t worry we know what we are doing!

We’ll be changing up our selections often! Here’s what’s in our current box: (*And if you need it custom, scroll down to the bottom.) 


Available at ZZest Market for the Holidays!


For: only $24.95

coco passion jam

walnut and 3 seed pan forte crostini

Poco Dolce 5 spice chocolate bar


FOR – serious cuteness  $42.95

Little Pig and Goodies

hand carved wooden pig bowl

Moe’s milk chocolate bacon bar

Mayana Chocolate heaven’s to bacon bar


Little Bunny and Goodies

hand carved wooden bunny bowl

Dolfin lavender chocolate bar

Mayana Chocolate coconut dream bar



Proteak wooden cutting board

The 33 Pieces of Cheese Book

Sagaform Cheese Knife Set

French Fromage Tea Towel











Personalized gift boxes

Just as easy.  call me at  507-206-4560 or drop an email let’s chat! If it’s more convenient, you can even pick it up at ZZest Café. We go back and forth every day!