Executive Sous Chef. Best Friend. Princess.

My name is Stef. I am an ambitious and determined girl! When I first realized that I’d found my passion for cooking, I pursued my dream and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu at Brown College.

When I graduated from school I interned at Broadstreet Cafe. I must have been a hit they hired me straight from my internship. I started in salads and pastry. I quickly moved through the Creative Cuisine Company, 300 First, Redwood Room, and Newts Express. I  learned a lot. I met one of my best friends in the Redwood Room, Chef Hillary Evans. We ran the line together and were a team.  Later together we helped open Pi Pizza. And then…the job of my dreams… ZZest. I have been broadening my senses and my palette here every day. I help create menu items that are used both at ZZest Café and the downtown location. I love Asian food, I love crab Rangoon, and I love kim chi. So when we decided to do tacos. I made Korean Tacos with miso crème and kim chi. Pretty much a hit.  But, I’m also a comfort food sort of girl. Give me a bone in ribeye!

I always wanted someone to ask what’s in my fridge and the answer is…. Ranch Dressing (sorry LeeAnn) and beer.  And… caramel sauce for ice cream.   

While at ZZest and I hope to learn something new each and every day!