ZZest Cafe is now CLOSED.

Thank you friends for a really FUN (almost) 8 years! Though we are sad to see ZZest Cafe end, please know a little zest (without an extra Z) will always be a part of any thing we do.

The Lunch Counter remains the little sister of ZZest and yes, skordalia is safe there. The Market right next door, still stocks artisan hand crafted cheeses, and all the stuff to go with.

Remember this, the same Chef who created Chef Tastings… that’s Justin, created Porch’s fried chicken and smoked meats. If you’ve been to Porch you know, it is simple food, done amazing!

ZZest diehards will find comfort in Cellar, opening soon, in the basement of Porch. Some of the decor will look very familiar, along with chef (that’s the key word again) inspired small plates/bar bites. Of course we don’t want to forget to mention ZZest worthy cocktails (that Old Fashioned), a unique and pretty damn cool wine list and of course beer.

Stay tuned for our newest concept, a Burger Bar (name announced soon)! We know what you are thinking… but, it’s not your Daddy’s burger place. (Pun intended, Jerry Zubay.) AND there’s a chef behind it!

Stay Tuned!


Your ZZest Family


( Questions & Answers About Our Closing )

I have a ZZest gift card, now what? All ZZest gift cards that were purchased (i.e., paid for), will still be honored at our other locations. We will be happy to see you at Porch, Cellar, ZZest Lunch Counter or ZZest Market, or anything else we dream up! #staytuned!

I have a $25/$10 card, it’s the size of a business card can I use that? These cards were a generous promo and have been phased out over the last 6 months. At this point most would be beyond a reasonable expiration date, and the goal to promote the cafe, is obviously no longer necessary . We appreciate you understanding that we have closed the books on these.

I have a gift certificate that I purchased at a raffle/fundraising dinner, how about that? Honestly, these would be quite outdated. For the past 4 years (at least), we have donated gift baskets from the market. If something slipped through the cracks and it was issued recently, we would be happy to replace the card for a basket.

What about my customer loyalty card from Lunch Counter? Again, these have been purposely phased out over the last 6 months. For the few that remain out there, we will accept one, one time only. Again the goal was to promote the cafe. If you have been stock piling, we apologize, but we need to close the books on these as well.

Are you moving ZZest somewhere else?ZZest fans will feel very comfortable in Cellar, opening in the Fall of 2017. There will not be chef tastings but rather, interesting small plates and great cocktails.

What about skordalia? Skordalia is available at the Lunch Counter or can be ordered as a platter and picked up downtown. Same deal with bread!

Can I still order catering platters?Effective immediately: All our fabulous platters are now being made at ZZest Lunch Counter. You can conveniently order online and pick up downtown, but not at the cafe. The Lunch Counter and Market is open Mon – Fri 11-5pm (6pm winter). See the menu here.

What about your fabulous staff? One of the most important things for us was to make sure our staff was taken care of. We are very happy to report each person that wants to stay with us has a position at our other restaurants.

What about that patio and just the cool vibe of the inside of ZZest, what happens to the space? Well, of course we are full of ideas. It’s the next generation though, who’s stepping up with a with a whole new game plan and of course we will help out. Expect to see something new this Fall, in the ZZest location. #staytuned #hotnewssoon