San Francisco Winners

San Francisco Winners

We (just me and my ZZest girls), came back a few days ago from our yearly Fancy Food buying trip. Every January we venture to San Fransisco and eat and eat, drink and drink, and look for the best of the best and most interesting items for ZZest Market. It’s hard work but someones gotta do it so, you are welcome.

In all seriousness, it is actually difficult. Picture an enormous convention center filled with booth after booth of deliciousness from all over the world, begging you to taste. And we do, and those tastes add up. We get miserably full. But, we go on.

I have a rule. Don’t taste something you have had before and ignore the jelly bellies. That never works… the Jelly Belly booth is popular. This year’s flavors were Emotions. Plus there’s a game, spin the dial and eat the bean it lands on. However, happiness was boring and nothing compared to last years, “rotten selections” of spoiled milk or fish. Keep moving girls.

So we walk and we taste, and walk and taste some more. We sampled some fantastic “granola” bars. Check out Regrainedbars. These bars are made from harvested grains from craft breweries, super interesting! We loved Oskri from our neighboring state WI, soooo many flavor options. Simply gorgeous dried fruits for snacking or cheese boards, and these cool little numbers RayZin, wine on the vine. Jerky was the “in thing” this year. We may have to add to our already new line Simply Snackin. Stay tuned. Chocolate is always a big deal and that didn’t change this year. It won’t change at ZZest Market either, we want a wall full! First on the list, is the whole line up of Tchobars, arriving next week, we lost a distributor but found a new one! We are really interested in Hukitchen, Milkboy and The Chocolate Conspiracy.

Were we done? No! Remember we own restaurants… so time to move on to just a few of those. We managed about three a night. Here’s our faves. Great venue? Black Cat. Best cocktails, Trick Dog. Best Dinner…Central Kitchen, the pasta was amazing but there’s no secret there, as it is part of Flour + Water. Most unexpected deliciousness … Hog Island Oyster Company in the Ferry Building. We weren’t even remotely hungry, but we managed to scarf down fresh crab both cold and warm, roasted vegetables and oysters. We know restaurants are not just about the food, it’s also venue, location, the company you are with. The crab was delicious and it was San Fransisco but it’s my ZZest girls are the real winners. And… they can eat!