Serious Milk Chocolate

Serious Milk Chocolate

I’m not a chocolate person. I could probably live without it and don’t crave it, well usually.

Like the most interesting man in the world, while I don’t always eat chocolate, when I do, I choose TCHO. Tcho is obsessed with chocolate. Big supporters of Fair Trade they decided to go beyond and actually partner up with their growers. They help with improving the genetics of their plants, improve cacao fermentation by redesigning their fermentaria, and improve cacao drying by designing new drying racks.

They also provide sensory training. For some growers they have never even tasted chocolate made from their beans.

Tcho has also come up with flavor wheel. “TCHO’s core product principle is flavor. We use our Flavor Wheel to tune each of our chocolates. It’s our roadmap as we hunt the world for the beans we need. The flavor wheel also serves to help you discover your chocolate in a common-sense way.” You can check out the wheel here.

I love the Cacao 53% dark milk chocolate. A Hershey Kiss will never pass my lips again this chocolate is intense, complex and simply amazing. It’s dreamy, creamy, slightly fudgy. Like hot chocolate in a bar. When I say hot chocolate I mean real hot chocolate made from milk and cocoa powder, vanilla and sugar, not Swiss Miss. Why is it so darn good? Tcho tells us “Milk chocolate isn’t just one flavor-it’s a complex blend of notes starting with the underlying cacao, then including the creaminess of milk, and the caramel tones that heating milk creates. We have created SeriousMilk chocolates to explore these pure chocolate flavors.” Yeah… that caramely cooked milk flavor, love that!

For you true dark chocolate lovers there are plenty to choose from. Also from Tcho are fun flavor combinations for the playful chocolate eaters. ZZest Market will stock the essential Tcho flavors to start before Valentines Day, so hurry down. Watch for more of the line arriving soon!