serious patio people

serious patio people

Here’s Joe and Debbie, Mary and George. They are serious about sitting on the patio.

Debbie and I go way back to the days of choreographed exercise classes at Rochester Ballet, circa 1984-ish. I should remind her how she actually used a favorite song of mine for a routine, I was so thrilled! I’m sure no one else in the class had any idea who Jerry Jeff Walker was, nor cared. But, Debbie did that for me. Don’t it make you Wanna Dance. It did!

George, although I should have ran into him sooner as like me, a native Rochesterite, I only came to know of him through mutual friends. The one thing I didn’t know for quite some time is that George and Debbie are brother and sister!

Both families are incredibly loyal customers. In fact, I thought each winter I should award them “points” for every time they came in. The “points” could be used to secure a patio table in the summer, because the patio, is what they really love! When a fair amount of people enjoy the patio only in it’s perfection, George, Mary, Debbie and Joe are the first ones out there come spring when there’s not a leaf on the tree. All summer, heat or not and come fall, once agian until there’s not a leaf on the tree.

I’ve usually workout a patio seat when they come in! For that kind of customer loyalty, I’m going to work hard, turning my rubics cube to make that happen.

Thank you for enjoying our patio but also for enjoying the booths in the winter. Because, after all, we are a restaurant and it’s about the food, right?!