seriously OBESSED with this cheese

seriously OBESSED with this cheese

Hey! It’s been awhile.

We have been sorting through the different restaurants getting each one up and running and tweaked. Seems to me the best blog posts are going to come from ZZest Market from now on. So check in often for featured products, amazing cheeses and some really great gift ideas.

My rule of thumb is if you are still thinking about a food days after you’ve eaten it, you better sit up and take notice. I have been thinking about Blue Jay for 1 week now! I am seriously OBSESSED with this cheese.

My cheese favorites change almost daily. As a Certified Cheese Professionalist (yeah, I know… who knew that was a thing ??!!) I really hate to admit to not loving every kind of cheese there is. But, blues are weird for me. Those big bold blues, are really not my go-to cheeses on a board. Though I will say, added to recipes, they can shine. Like a salad of greens, walnuts and apples or with roasted pears, Rosemary Shortbread Cookies (another obsession!) and a drizzle of honey for dessert.

Blue Jay is different. First, check out the spectacular label! That alone seals the deal for me! From there we have a triple cream, so smooth, rich, decedent, much like chocolate. For me, I need textured, and I love something unexpected! That’s where the juniper berries come in. There’s a nice little crunch and a citrusy, piney sharp flavor of juniper. Yep, like gin. I happen to love a good gin and tonic too, so there is that. But, juniper and blue cheese? remarkable!

Do yourself a favor, add this to your next cheese board. It’s unlikely very many people have tried it. For more on Blue Jay and the lovely creamery it comes from read more here!