special occasions, special people

special occasions, special people

Meet Kaely and Dylan. I first met them shortly after ZZest opened. Kaely is the daughter of a high school classmate of mine. It was fun seeing Sally again to to learn about her daughter Kaely, who at the time, just got married.

When Kaely and Dylan come in they always lavish us with compiments, and thumbs up on facebook. And, even though they were newlweds they would come in fairly frequently. It turns out Kaely and Dylan came in frequently because, they had things to celebrate.

Dylan was all set to join the marines feeling like this was his best choice for the future. But Sally and Kaely surprised him with tearing up his papers and offering to pay for college. #1 celebration! College graduation was another and soon their first baby girl in 2014. It was particularily fun to listen to Sally gush about the wonders of holding a grandchild for the first time (something I can’t wait for!!).

Baby David was born last Nov. and that gave Kaely and Dylan one more reason to celebrate and come to ZZest. Tonight when I caught them for the photo its was yet another occasion. Their 7 year anniversary, dinner at ZZest and on to Las Vegas!

Such a special couple and thank you for sharing your special occasions with ZZest!