What we eat

What we eat

So now what do WE want to eat?

Our food is thoughtful, chef created. And it’s exactly how I like to eat. So we created a menu based on what I/we want to eat. I don’t want palate fatigue. Think about it, you all have been there, each bite tastes the same and you may even think this is really, really good, but after awhile you basically, become bored. An Italian chain restaurant’s enormous bowl of pasta, is probably the biggest culprit for palate fatigue. In the end it’s just one big yuck. I can mindlessly eat, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a popcorn and chips kind of gal. I can put crunch away, like nobodies business. So palate fatigue in my world does not apply to snacks.

But for dinner, give me ZZest. Our plates are a vision, a culinary path of passion from our chefs, an adventure. I love it when each bite is just a little bit different from the last. When on the first bite the fresh lemon verbena is just a whisper, and you thought you caught it, but weren’t quite sure. Then the next bite is has a luscious savory element meaning never too sweet, and maybe there’s a little heat on the back of your tongue. The next bite may marry temperatures of cool and warm and textures of crunchy and smooth. And then, was that lemon verbena again? Which bite was my favorite bite? Can I recreate it? And, can I save the very best bite, for the last bite.

It is also very important that there be just the right amount of food. I don’t want leftovers. I don’t want lunch for tomorrow. I don’t need to eat big. I need to eat delicious. At ZZest I can easily finish a plate a food. I am very satisfied and never regret a single bite. I usually don’t eat dessert but if tempted, I could add a scoop of ice cream, especially salty caramel or dark chocolate sorbet from our friends at Sweet Science Ice Cream in St Paul, our current ice cream crush!

So amazing flavors, perfect portions and a vibrant environment. I think ZZest gets high fives all around!

I often am asked, what’s your favorite thing on the menu? I literally love everything on our menu, literally. Choosing is more about what I had for lunch, or do I feel like wine or beer. Of course it also depends on what everyone else orders, I ll chose different so I can score a bite of theirs. Right now, Chef Justin has created probably the most balanced, most perfect, well thought out, summer ingredient focused, plate, we’ve ever had come out of our kitchen. Perfectly gorgeous. From the Mind of a Chef- seared rare swordfish . tahini . hearts of palm . corn . lemon verbena . togarashi . chorizo oil.