Online Ordering!

Once you place your order your lunch will be ready for pickup in as little as 20 mins at the ZZest Lunch Counter (downtown location).

Yes, we deliver ! (Downtown)

Food Truck Style, Skyway Location … Perfect.

A chef inspired lunch. ‘Cuz doesn’t everyone want to eat what a chef eats? We use local when we can, and items from the ZZest Market shelves to enhance it all. All the chefs pitch in — the Truffled Piggie (Todd), and Chef Stef, who makes the most amazing soups! Even the potato chips are small batch — Route 11. We have French baguette sandwiches, hand pulled mozzarella along with with salads that all change with the season. Ice creams from Sweet Science Ice Cream in St Paul MN! Creme Brulee! Say what? Open Monday thru Friday 11am to 6pm . 

The Daily Specials

We serve it up fresh and it changes often. Try to keep up!

[ Here it is ]

Find Us!

2. ZZest Lunch Counter


Tel. 507-206-4560

100 1st Ave SW #203
Rochester, MN 55902

Mon – Fri 11am to 6pm

Directions from the Street:

Here’s the deal. The easiest way to get to ZZest Market or Lunch Counter is like this: If you’re standing on 1st Ave SW on the corner of the Peace Plaza, look at PRIMP.  Just to the right is a door marked “1st Ave Suites.” Go in. Take the elevator or the stairs up one flight. You have ARRIVED.


Mon-Fri the parking meters on 1st Ave are 30 minutes. Which means, honestly, the cars move in and out a lot. You’ll get a spot. Trust me, I have plenty of tickets trying to stay beyond my 30 minutes to prove it!

Gift Cards

Of course we have gift cards! They’re accepted at all of our locations — the Café & Bar, the Lunch Counter and the Market. AND the newest newbies Porch! We’ll send your card to you in the mail — and they usually come pretty fast. Too easy!


ZZest Lunch Counter: Kind of like a food truck, only in a skyway.

ZZest Market: Your local source for small batch and quality ingredients.

ZZest Café & Bar: Your very own neighborhood gem!