ZZest Market. Where it all started.

Before we were even called “ZZest,” we opened a tiny kiosk space at a local grocery store, Rochester Produce. First with 2 shelves, then with 6. The next step, six months later, was to open our own little cheese and specialty shop, on a corner no less. Our focus has always been on small batch artisan and quality ingredients. We are a voice for the small independent producers, the ones that can’t stock the shelves of big box stores. You can read more about our story right here. 

Personal Shopping Department ::

Whether you’re ENTERTAINING or GIFTING, we’ve got it covered at ZZest Market with our grab and go items. (Scroll down for details)

(Pssst! If you’d like us to do all the work for you, we’d be happy to!
Go here to see the Party Platter Menu we offer at ZZest Café.)

 Personal Shopping Department ::

Whether you’re ENTERTAINING or GIFTING, we’ve got it covered!

(And if you’d like us to do all the work for you, we’ll be happy to! Go here to access our party platters available at ZZest Café.)


Face it.  We have the best stuff!  A perfect gift for the hard to by for, that person who has everything, or for the one who just needs to be spoiled. The ZZest Market staff are pros at picking out gifts and boxing them up, and adding a bow! They’re ready to go right now! Just come on in and grab it.

Gift Boxes: small, medium or large! Want something custom? We can do that! Call or email, let’s chat!


This Weeks Picks >>>


This Weeks Picks >>>

 LARGE GIFT BOX: $64-$95

This Weeks Picks >>>

Party Time?

Entertaining…whether it’s a breeze for you or a pain in the neck, we’ve got your back. Let the pros at ZZest Market ponder and pair the perfect cheese and/or charcuterie board. You needn’t worry your pretty head.

Just stop by the market and grab a READY MADE CHEESE BOARD!  $40 value, on sale for the season – $32.95

Find Us!

3. ZZest Market


Tel. 507-206-4560

100 1st Ave SW #203
Rochester, MN 55902

Mon – Fri 10am to 6pm

(Occasionally we’re open on Saturday, we’ll post that on Facebook. So that’s another reason to follow us!)

Directions from the Street:

Here’s the deal. The easiest way to get to ZZest Market or Lunch Counter is like this: If you’re standing on 1st Ave SW on the corner of the Peace Plaza, look at PRIMP.  Just to the right is a door marked “1st Ave Suites.” Go in. Take the elevator or the stairs up one flight. You have ARRIVED.


Mon-Fri the parking meters on 1st Ave are 30 minutes. Which means, honestly, the cars move in and out a lot. You’ll get a spot. Trust me, I have plenty of tickets trying to stay beyond my 30 minutes to prove it!

Gift Cards

Of course we have gift cards! They’re accepted at all of our locations — the Café & Bar, the Lunch Counter and the Market. AND the newest newbies Porch! We’ll send your card to you in the mail — and they usually come pretty fast. Too easy!


ZZest Market: Your local source for small batch and quality ingredients.

ZZest Lunch Counter: Kind of like a food truck, only in a skyway.

ZZest Café & Bar: Your very own neighborhood gem.